How to Market Your Gig to Increase Visitor Attendance

Venues perfect for your event

Choosing the right venue has a massive effect on the amount of attendees.  As every venue has its own style and history, different venues will be known for showcasing specific music genres. Choose one that will represent your music perfectly.

Picking your venue as it’s the first step towards growing your fan base, which of course will increase your attendance percentage massively. Click here for the best venues in London.

Make sure you know who your target audience will consist of and address your marketing strategy towards them. But, how do you target your audience?

We have gathered some questions to ask yourself to find out:

Promotional products can see a 56% increase in attendees

The promotion part of planning your gig is the most important. It is your job to make sure that everybody in the surrounding areas knows who you are and what you’re planning. There are a number of ways of spreading the word to locals and potential fans. Check out the results of promotional products.

Promotional merchandise works a treat if you’re trying to convince people to come to your event and not your competitors. You can customise a number of things, including phone cases, bags and key rings – all things that fans could use on a regular basis. Start branding here.

Branded merchandise